Rami Koyu

Managing Director

Rami has been involved in the Meat Industry since 1987, starting out his working life as a boner in one of the industry boom times. In 1993 Rami and the Koyu family established Central Meats in Brunswick, Melbourne as a producer of quality products supplying major food manufacturing companies within Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. CME’s growth over the past three decades has been built on the Koyu’s strong family values and knowledge of halal markets and processing. Rami’s skills and experience of global markets, foreign exchange, value-adding and meat processing technologies has been a key part of the group’s success. 

Email: rami@centralmeatexports.com

Hakan Koyu

Operations Manager

Hakan manages the group's production facilities, export development and logistics. Hakan’s responsibilities include overseeing all staff, production facilities and coordinating export or domestic orders for both establishments. The sales team report to Hakan along with the boning room, cold storage, logistics and quality assurance team. Hakan also manages all the procurement for the CME team from both owned processing facilities and external contract processing plants Australia-wide.

Email: hk@centralmeatexports.com

Sait Koyu

Finance Manager for Koyu Group

Sait’s core responsibilities are to manage the financial and business affairs of Koyu Family Holdings, to maintain the integrity and transparency between various entities and assets. Sait manages the CME’s retail operations located at Coolaroo and Brunswick. Sait also oversees all debtor and creditor management for the CME group.

Email: sk@centralmeatexports.com

Subodh Sunuwar

Finance & Administration Manager for CME Group

Subodh joined CME in 2012 and is now one of CME’s senior managers at head office and oversees all the export documentation, export debtors/creditors and Rami Koyu’s executive assistant. Subodh’s financial and system knowledge helps drive the discipline in administration, documentation and finance for the CME Group. Subodh’s responsibilities also includes overseeing all of our group's administration and financial management.

Email: subodh@centralmeatexports.com


Raphael Chuang CPA

Financial Controller

Raphael joined CME group in 2014 and is currently the Financial Controller for our group. His responsibilities include all finances, management reporting, cash flow, budget forecasts and debtor/creditor management. Raphael is a qualified CPA and has quickly developed financial reporting systems that have enhanced management decision making abilities. 

Email: raphael@centralmeatexports.com


Peter Horstmann

Export Sales Manager

Peter joined the CME group in 2013 as an Export Sales Manager. Peter has over 40 years’ experience in all facets of export meat trading and production. He previously worked for one of Australia’s largest meat trading companies. In this 40 years Peter has been involved in the introduction of Australian meat products into many new markets. Some of these destinations are South Africa, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Georgia just to name a few. Since Peter has joined CME, the group has enjoyed steady growth into new markets.

Email: phorstmann@centralmeatexports.com

Ismet Koyu

Cold store Manager

Ismet joined the family business in 2012. As our youngest team member, Ismet has a Certificate IV in Quality Assurance Management and is a qualified AUS-Meat Standards officer. Ismet manages all domestic sales and coordinates all logistics for domestic orders. Ismet also oversees the inventory management of the CME group.

Email: ik@centralmeatexports.com

Hatice Soykuvvet

QA / Compliance Officer

Hatice is a key part of CME’s management team and is responsible for all Quality Assurance and OH&S programs. She is a fully qualified Aus-Meat standards officer and currently manages the Coolaroo plants Approved Arangement to ensure CME products are produced to the highest standards.

Email: hs@centralmeatexports.com


Carl Susec

Production Supervisor

Carl Susec oversees the production and quality assurance program at the Coolaroo plant. Carl has been in the meat industry for over 40 years and has been in senior supervisory roles in some of Australia's largest meat companies. He has an uncompromising approach to quality assurance and ensures that all stock processed at the plant is treated in line with the highest standards.

Email: qa@centralmeatexports.com

Tugo Tucun

Senior Cost Accountant

Tugo has been with the CME group since 2010 as a cost accountant. Tugo has over 50 years of experience in accounting practices as well as working with a number of trading groups across all agricultural commodities. This knowledge has been invaluable to the CME groups successfull expansion within the meat industry.

Email: tugo@centralmeatexports.com

Chris Carpenter

Information Technology

Chris has been managing CME group's data capture systems since 2004, Chris is also the founder of Datasync Systems™  which has developed the cutting edge Carton Manager™  family of software.This program has been invaluable to the CME groups production planning and inventory managment systems.

Email: chris@centralmeatexports.com

Michael Louros CPA

Accountant and Financial Advisor

Michael Louros has over 20 years experience working as an accountant in public practice. He works closely with the CME Management Team to help achieve business goals and reach targeted financial outcomes. He is also a licensed financial planner and provides valuable advice and diversified business experience to the group. Michael is a partner in Jones Louros & Associates and can be contacted by email as below.

Email: mlouros@joneslouros.com.au

Mark Purmalis MBA

Business Development Manager

Mark has come to the business after a successful career in agricultural research and business development with CSIRO. He has degrees in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. With this background he brings skills in engineering project management, marketing, finance and modern business theory.

Email: mp@centralmeatexports.com